The Developer’s Initial Plans


Dukeminster, on behalf of the developer Hackney Walk, brought initial plans to a pre-planning meeting of Hackney Council in October 2019. They propose to develop the site in two phases. Firstly to build on the western end of the car park providing a new smaller Tesco supermarket, parking, and retail on ground and first floors. Once completed the existing Tesco building would be demolished and replaced with buildings of mixed use with retail units, offices and residential units above. The buildings would be between four and nineteen stories high.

Overall the development would be 75,000 sqm; 20,000 sqm would be office space, 10,500 sqm retail and there would be 450 residential units. Subsequent briefings put the number of residential units at 515 and then 561.

Although preliminary these plans are in keeping with the Hackney Council Hackney Central Area Action Plan 2012 which identified 55 Morning Lane as a site for redevelopment and exempted it from building height restrictions applied to the rest of the borough.

For the most up-to-date version of the developers plans visit their webpage here. Below are summaries of their public consultation held last year which only involved 138 people are where no specific proposals were presented. This is an inadequate basis for a planning application so they will need to consult us again.

The developers have produced no images of how their plans will look in relation to the surrounding area so we have produced some and you can see them below.

Their 'Feedback Summary' from a 'Public Consultation' held July 2019

Our illustrations expanding on what they've proposed to build in these plans