In the local press

‘Who rakes in the cash?: Wall of silence from Hackney Council on who profits from secretive Tesco land deal - CLICK HERE

Housing campaigners launch consultation over Morning Lane Tesco site - CLICK HERE

Morning Lane campaigners launch survey in search for ‘people’s alternative’ - CLICK HERE

Town Hall urged to suspend planning amid community concern over lockdown impact - CLICK HERE

Hackney Council-owned Morning Lane Tesco redevelopment ‘must include social housing’, urge campaigners at packed public meeting - CLICK HERE

Campaign over social housing in Hackney Central gathers momentum - CLICK HERE

What would you like to see built at the Hackney Central Tesco site? Morning Lane People’s Space campaigners organise alternative consultation - CLICK HERE

Developers pressed on affordable housing levels for Hackney Central plans - CLICK HERE

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